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InfoSmart Information Systems

InfoSmart Information Display Screens

Smartguide Passenger information display panel at Flinders Street Station
  • Technologically advanced information display panel
  • Large size LCD screens
  • Displays announcements and messages in text and full colour graphics
  • Internal or external use
  • Ideally suited for many applications:
    • route details
    • arrival and departure times
    • mapping details
    • building directories
    • product advertising
  • Can be tailored to suit your application and specific requirements
  • Shown here: InfoSmart Passenger Information Display - Flinders Street Station Melbourne

InfoSmart Interactive Display Panels

Interactive Passenger Information Display Touch Screen at Yarra SuperStop
  • Robust, anti-vandalism outdoor information
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Sunlight visible LCD panel
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor use
  • Modular internal component design for easy maintenance
  • In-built communications (landline, DSL or RF modem)
  • Shown here: Passenger Information Display - Yarra Trams Melbourne

InfoSmart Flip Digit Information Displays

Public Passenger Information Display with Flip Digit Display
  • Visible at all times
  • Low cost outdoor public information displays
  • Compact in design
  • Automatically update arrival next vehicle
  • Mechanical flip segments
  • Operated with in-built solar panels
  • Display segments covered in a reflective (and optionally luminescent) coating for maximum visibility.
  • Add-on video observation camera can be attached
  • Shown here: Passenger Information Display - Yarra Trams Melbourne

InfoSmart Audio Announcement Button

Push button announcement system accessible for vision impaired users
  • Push button pre-recorded announcement system
  • Suits vision impaired users
  • Suitable for various scenarios
  • Arrival time announcement system
  • Can be used as stand alone system or with any SmartGuide Information System

InfoSmart - SmartGuide Remote Public Announcement System

Infosmart Remote Public Announcement System based on 3G technology
  • Reliable, low cost solution
  • Proven 3G mobile based technology
  • Excellent clarity of messages
  • Remote broadcast of announcements

InfoSmart Media Players

InfoSmart Media Players

Infosmart Media Player
  • Suitable for presentation use
  • Able to display real-time information
  • Movie (Mpeg 4) cabability
  • Proven 24/7 continuous operation
  • XHTML web display
  • SNMP capable
  • Configurable via web interface

Models available:

  • Standard industrial model - Outdoor or indoor units
  • Desktop model
  • Rack mount model

InfoSmart Ticketing System

InfoSmart Ticketing System

Ticket machine with unique barcode printout
  • Barcode ticketing
  • Each ticket has a unique barcode
  • Tickets may be purchased on board or via the internet
  • Touch screen LCD operation
  • In-built thermal printer
  • Real-time sales reports
  • Links to GPS and passenger counters