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InfoSmart Passenger Information Displays

Public Passenger Information Display with LCD Screen
  • Outdoor public information displays
  • Robust, ant-vandalism outdoor information
  • Configurable for multiple route or arrival destinations
  • Sunlight visible LCD panel
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor use
  • Modular internal component design for easy maintenance
  • In-built communications (cellular, landline, DSL or RF modem)
  • Can be connected to audio unit for the vision impaired
  • Shown here: Passenger Information Display - Yarra Trams Melbourne

InfoSmart MiniPID Passenger Information Displays

MiniPID Passenger Information Display
  • Solar powered
  • Real-time information for up to four routes per side (multiple display units can be interlinked)
  • Includes both visual display and audio announcements for all presented information
  • Transflective display for optimum visibility day and night
  • Quick and easy standalone installation - no mains power connection required
  • Integrated cellular communications for updating and monitoring.
  • Secure, real-time data update protocol
  • Low cost outdoor public information displays
  • Compact in design

  • InfoSmart MiniPID brochure

RunSmart Fleet Management System

RunSmart Fleet Management System

RunSmart Fleet Management System
  • Vehicle tracking (both live and historic), displayed on map
  • Recording of location, speed, direction and time
  • Automatic real-time data synchronisation with servers
  • Schedule compliance
  • Schedule deviation display to the driver
  • Back-end management system provides rich functionality to the operator
  • Trip analysis
  • Full monitoring functions
  • Secure online access
  • Integrated GPS with AGPS support
  • Suitable for buses, truck and other fleet vehicles
  • Customisable driver interface
  • Full management and interfacing with third-party in-vehicle equipment (ticketing systems, headboard, passenger counters, audio/video display systems, GPS)
  • SmartGuide information displays can be tailored to suit your application and specific requirements.

  • RunSmart brochure